Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Origin Story, or how Vampyros Lesbos changed my life forever

It seems that every film franchise, or book series eventually gets around to doing the origin story. How so-and-so met, how this rag-tag bunch all came together, you get the picture. Well this is the tell-all, pull no punches, down and dirty, (fill in your own cliche) story of how I became a soundtrack freak.

Very simply, I was at a friends house scanning his CD's (if I'm ever at your house, I will likely spend the whole evening poring over your books and music) when I happened upon an interesting CD called Vampyros Lesbos Sexadelic Dance Party (?!?!) released by a German label called Crippled Dick Hot Wax(?!?!).

Asking my friend about said CD, he said I should borrow it, that it was 'pretty cool'.

Intrigued I took the CD home and put it on that night. CRASH! BANG! BOOM! and my world was changed forever. "Pretty good" did absolutely nothing to sum up this music, but sexadelic dance party said it all.

Of course from this point onward I had to see the movie, get more music like this, on and on in a never-ending cycle, because when it comes to books, music, and movies I'm compulsive like that. I'm still, about 12 years later, trying to get more.

Turns out the CD is actually music from 3 movies directed by Franco, all starring the lovely Soledad Miranda. They are Vampyros Lesbos, She Killed in Ecstacy, and The Devil Came From Akasava. I have still not seen the third on this list.

The music is from collaborators Manfred Hubler and Siegfried Schwab, who recorded the music under the moniker Vampires Sound Incorporated. I have searched high and low for other music from these two, but have only succeeded in finding some German jazz comps that feature one or the other, never both together. Oh well, the legacy they left is priceless.

If you've never heard it you are in for a treat:

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