Saturday, May 29, 2010

Marvin Gaye Trouble Man

I've seen loads of Blaxploitation movies. It is one of my favorite film genres, and by and large they are entertaining films. What I find even more entertaining than the films themselves are their soundtracks. These movies have some of the funkiest and grooviest tunes ever laid down for film. In many cases the soundtracks are the only redeeming element the film has to offer.

In the blink of an eye, any film lover, or music enthusiast, can rattle off a handful of essential titles whose soundtracks have transcended the film, and have become a powerful entity in and of themselves. These names would include Mayfield, Hayes, and, Ayers. This leads me to Trouble Man.

I must say I've never seen Trouble Man, another example of the music being more accessible than the film, but I'm here to write about the music. Specifically to lament that Marvin Gaye's score for the film is not more often mentioned in the same breath as those mentioned above. This score is fantastic. Gaye provides a soulful, laid-back, but funkified listening experience that should be in all soundtrack lover's collections.
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