Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Where the hell is this soundtrack!?

As a lover of Italian cinema and Italian soundtracks I have been scratching my head for about six years now, since Blue Underground first released this film on DVD, wondering where the hell is the official release of this soundtrack. To the best of my knowledge there has never been one, and this is a travesty. Fulci directed Contraband (aka The Smuggler) in 1980 and it stars one of the biggest heroes of Italian cinema Fabio Testi. Now the film itself, aside from a load of graphic violence and nudity, is nothing to write home about, but the soundtrack certainly is. Scored by longtime Fulci collaborator, the legendary Fabio Frizzi, creator of the amazing soundtracks (see my earlier post) for The Beyond, City of the Walking Dead, and Zombi 2, this particular score is puzzlingly missing an official release.
You would think that with the number of people who are longtime fans, and the fact that more and more people are discovering these films and their music, that someone would issue the complete score. Wouldn't you?
Oh well, here's couple gems from the score courtesy of Youtube. The second track is featured during the ubiquitous disco scene. Groovy!

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