Wednesday, January 28, 2009

All This and World War II

Wanna hear a groovy idea for a movie?

"Take the Music of the Beatles!"
"Say, that is groovy!"
"Have some of the top talent of the day record covers of Beatles songs!"
"Hey, alright man, that's out of sight!"
"Wait! There's more! Take archival footage from World War II."
"Mix in some vintage films from the same era."
"Far out.?"

If you're like me then you'll love the new movie from 20th Century Fox. Love Helen Reddy? Then imagine Helen Reddy singing The Fool on the Hill. Love The Four Seasons? Then imagine The Four Seasons singing We Can Work it Out. Love Leo Sayer? Then imagine Leo Sayer singing Let it Be AND The Long and Winding Road AND I Am the Walrus!! Love Frankie Valli? Then imagine Frankie Valli singing A Day in the Life. Love Richard Cocciante? Now hold on! Love Richard Cocciante? Love Richard Who?

Released theatrically for 1 week in 1976 its...


  1. Ever seen Helen Reddy's performance in Pete's Dragon?

  2. I saw the film as a child. I don't remember much. Boy, animated dragon, stuff happens, the end.

  3. Yeah, that's pretty much what I remember. These groovy flicks you post are recommended by Leonard Maltin, right? At least 3 stars....

  4. You find that Lenny's picks generally coincide with your own? Or you believe that Mr. Maltin is a trusted authority and when he says "must see" then you do it?