Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wild in the Streets

Wild in the Streets is an absolutely essential piece of counter culture, anti-establishment fimmaking from the 60's.

Max Frost, pop music superstar, gets elected president when the voting age is lowered, through some trickery on Max and his cronies part, to 14.

Once elected Max decrees that all people over the age of 35 be kept in camps and supplied with a never ending supply of LSD.
Sounds groovy!!

Starring Christopher Jones, Hal Holbrook, Shelley Winters(hilarious as usual as Max's mother), and Richard Pryor, Wild in the Streets is essential cult fare.

The soundtrack, which I own on vinyl, has never been, as far as I know, released on CD. What a shame!! It is fantastic. From the title track to the hit single Shape of Things to Come to Sally Leroy to my favorite track Listen to the Music, Wild in the Streets is...three o's Grooovy!

Watch Shape of Things to Come:

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