Sunday, January 25, 2009

Vasily Vereschagin

One of my not so ephemeral obsessions is with Russian history, literature, and art, particularly from the 19th Century.

One of my favorites from this period is Vasily Vereschagin (1842-1904). Vereschagin's work mainly focused on war. Vereschagin, who saw firsthand the horrors or war, was controversial in his day for the graphic depictions of battle, and his paintings unglamorous attitude towards war and its effect on the men who fought.

During the First Sino-Japanese War Vereschagin was aboard the Russian flagship the Petropavlovsk which, while entering the Yellow Sea struck a mine and nearly everyone on board, including Vereschagin, went down.

Here are a couple of my favorite paintings of his:

To see more check out this great art site:


  1. This guy's art reminds me of playing Dungeons & Dragons with Tony Quaglia.

  2. Yeah, Tony's coming over tomorrow to look over my CDs and DVDs. We'll probably drink a few Heinies on the front porch.

  3. Sounds swell. You might as well make it a party & call up Jon-Paul, Dan Gastellum, David Sandler, Jeff Simmons, David Askew, Steven Flor, Cliff Nulliner, Robert Alling, Andrew Katz, Evan Lurie, Matt Wellek, Dan Wilson, Mario Armijo, David Fausto, & Flavio Ortega. Bust out some weed, don capes & play D&D while listening to Anderson, Buford, Wakeman & Howe.

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  5. David Askew is not serving time for manslaughter & you know it. Your response was kinda funny 'tho you crossed the line (again) with the 'David Fausto stole my penis' thing, which was funny but veered too close to your previous homo/cho-mo/swinger jokes that you sometimes resort to. And didn't you mean Steven Flor was still having dental work?

  6. There's just no pleasing some people.