Monday, January 19, 2009

Piero Piccioni

Of all the great Italian film composers, from Morricone to Nicolai, Alessandroni to Umiliani, Cipriani to Micalizzi, my favorite has to be Piero Piccioni. Equally at home and evocative in crime jazz, funky beats, sleazy rhythms, swinging lounge, or sweeping orchestral themes Piccioni's music never fails to groove.

Recommended listening:
Camille 2000
Colpo Rovente
I Giovani Tigri
Puppet on a Chain
any volume of the Easy Tempo series 



  1. You're THE purveyor of good taste. Your recommendations are altogether brilliant, exquisite, & diabolically delicious.

  2. Thanks! I usually find three adjectives to be just right...for the common rabble.

  3. sweet,

    Who influenced who? This guy or Morricone?

  4. They were contemporaries, and they certainly knew of each other, but as far as who influenced who I could not say. Piccioni was heavily influenced by jazz, and while Morricone had jazz influences as well he was more deeply rooted in classical.