Friday, January 23, 2009

Patrick McGoohan The Prisoner In Memorium

I was saddened last week to see that Number Six had died.

Patrick McGoohan not only played the enigmatic secret agent in the classic television series The Prisoner, he also created, produced, and wrote the show.

If you have never seen The Prisoner you are missing out. A secret agent, fed up and ready to step down, quits. His employers?, the enemy?, somebody?, however, not convinced he is quitting for a more sinister or subversive reason, kidnap him and place him in The Village, a quaint seaside village populated by other "ex-agents", most of whom appear quite happy in The Village. The run of the series, 17 episodes, deal with McGoohan, or Number Six, attempting to determine his location and the mysterious identity of Number One. Enigmatic and groovy, The Prisoner, along with Gilligan's Island, is probably my favorite TV show of all time, and definitely(thanks ModNeeds) the only one I own.

There are three volumes of music that have been released from the Prisoner and each one contains the excellent theme song along with a variety of music from the show and excerpts of dialogue, as well. You're not going to love all of the music on these three CDs but there is enough to please any soundtrack fan.

Watch the show opening below. It sets up the show and does so with an absolutely groovy theme song!


  1. Didn't I see that guy in a Twilight Zone episode?

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  3. It's possible. He also played supporting roles in many movies. Ice Station Zebra, Scanners, Braveheart, and others.

  4. It seems like I remember him always playing an evil creep.