Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Robbi, Tobbi, und das Fliewatüüt

I picked up this little gem back in the summer of '07 and it hasn't been far from my disc player ever since. This is the soundtrack to a German television show for kids about a boy(Tobbi), a robot(Robbi), and the Fliewatüüt(invented by Tobbi, built by Robbi), a vehicle that can fly, swim and drive.

Looking something like a Teutonic Rankin-Bass production, the two have adventures in the Fliewatüüt and solve difficult tasks.

All this fun is set to some dynamic music composed by Ingfried Hoffmann, Germany's top organist in the 70's. Many themes are reused so cleverly it took me many listens to realize they were the same.

It swings, it uplifts, it brings a tear to the eye, and oh yeah...it's groovy!


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  1. you gotta love those wacky Germans. They're such a fun-loving, lighthearted people. And yet so misunderstood.